Holiday To-Do List

Happy first day of December!  If you are like me, and one of the few people in America, on the Late (Christmas) Train, December 1st is your cue to get your Holiday-Cheer on.

R is nearing double-digits, so I want to incorporate as much Christmas Magic into this season, as I can.  I decided to create a list of some of the things I plan on experiencing with my children and friends in hopes to make it memorable for us all.

1. Try a Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie recipe (perhaps this one).

2. Donate time/toys to a charity – We are wrapping presents for the Castro Family Toy Drive and have set-up a toy collection box at my office.

3. Distribute food – I have an annual tradition with the kids.  We purchase pre-made, hot items (either from the grocery store deli or a fast food chain) and hand out to the homeless on or around Christmas Day.

4. Review ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas  schedule and watch as many of those corny holiday shows as humanly possible.

5. Go see a movie in the theater with all three kids.  Suggestions?

6. Host a night in with the girls and serve ( these and one or two of these).

7. Plan a trip to a neighboring city and view the Christmas lights and decor.

8. Read holiday-themed books at bedtime with R.

9.  Plan a Mommy/Daughter Shopping trip With H at The Village in Woodland Hills.

10. Up my Elf on a Shelf game like my friend, Sarah.  Follow her on IG for some tips!




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