My Experience With A Chemical Peel

Like any other newly divorced woman in Southern California, I decided to treat myself to a little something “just for me”, now that my divorce is final.  As tempting as it was to head to The Beverly Hills Institute for a new rack, I chose something a little less invasive on my body and my bank account.

I made an appointment at Pure Skin Day Spa for a chemical peel.  Those two words immediately brought a picture of myself with an itchy, beet-red, peeling face.  I cringed at the thought, but trusted Katrina and looked forward to the fading of my fine lines, fresher skin and my freckles becoming more pronounced and less like one big blob.

We decided on The Perfect Derma Peel.  First, Kat cleaned my face, throat and upper chest with alcohol.  It burned slightly.   Then she painted on  the ‘chemical’ to the same areas-concentrating on my dark spots on my cheeks.  It stung lightly for about a minute and the smell reminded me of (surprise!) burnt skin.   Finally, she used a device which blew air all over the treated area.  The entire process took about 20 mins!  She sent me home with two medicated wipes, a tinted SPF cream and a peel cream.

She instructed me not to do anything to my treated skin at all for the rest of the day.  The next morning, I applied one of two medicated wipes, after my shower and the SPF cream I was given.  I wore a tinted moisturizer in lieu of foundation and applied the rest of my makeup as usual.  My skin look tanned and felt tight.  I had a concert to attend that evening and was concerned about the peeling.  But, per Kat,  the peeling wouldn’t start until day 3!  That night I washed my face and used the second wipe and peeling cream.

Day 3 – Slight peeling around my temples and mouth.  Nothing to be horrified about.  I applied the peeling cream and SPF again and wore the same make up as before.  I did feel as though I had a sunburned face, but otherwise all was good.

Day 4 – Today, I woke up to noticeably more peeling.  My 9 yr old son noticed right away and kept trying to help my peel move along. But no peeling the peel!!!  You must let the skin fall off naturally.  I did use tiny scissors to “trim” the long, hanging pieces of skin

Day 5- Same amount of peeling as day before, a little burning and itching.

Day 6- I feel the peeling today was the worse yet.  I found splashing my face with cool water, patting dry and applying both creams brought relief.

Day 7 – The peeling tapered off and I wore full makeup to Happy Hour.  My skin looks brighter, feels tighter and my dark spots have lightened up considerably.

Day 8 – Saw Kat for my follow up.   My skin is glowing! Dark spots have faded significantly and my freckles look more like they did in my youth.

I am very happy with my results and even happier that my bank balance and bra size haven’t changed 😉


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